Lock Down Window Covers for School and University Doors are evolving


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Horrific school shootings over the last three decades have hardened safety rules for schools and other learning facilities, including religious establishments. During that time, lockdown window covers for school and university doors have evolved.

Why Door Glass Covers Evolved

Shortly after the Columbine massacre, teachers were forced to use moveable posters or craft paper to cover their door glass. More recently, several makeshift rolling or “pull down” window covers became available.

These covers can be problematic to recover and there lies the danger.  If a lockdown door glass cover does not “recover” to the ready position immediately after the threat has ended, head injuries are at high risk.

Child Head and Hand Injuries

Doors within facilities require glass or at least a small vision panel on the door to see through and to avoid accidents while opening the door. However, the “hardening” or securing of these facilities is further complicated by door glass.

Head and hand injuries from doors can easily happen when a door is opened without knowing what’s on the other side of that door.  Concussions are the most common injury.  Small children are often “door handle” height and are most at risk.

Door Dead Bolts and Hardware

Schools are taking steps to make their learning environments safer. Some of those steps include door safety and security. Dead bolts and different door hardening systems are being retrofitted to school doors.

Most of these hardening products are made to keep a violent intruder at bay. Impact resistant coatings and blackout window covers are being added to the glass on school doors.

Introducing Shelter Shutters

The most recent innovation in door safety is called the Shelter Shutter.  This product was created in 2014 with input from educators and law enforcement. It is a light weight, fire rated, black shutter that easily flips over the glass to conceal visibility, then just as quickly, recovers to the ready position.

This is a much safer cover due to the ease of recovery. The shutter is so light it applies to the door with pressure tape. The shutters also come with a magnetic operation system that allows for instant open and close.

A vision panel that remains covered is an accident waiting to happen. When you cannot see through a high traffic door, injuries will be inevitable. Shelter Shutters makes it easy to deter these types of accidents while still complying with lockdown procedures.

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