Window coverings are an important part of any building. They provide privacy and security and play a crucial role in emergency situations.

This is why Shelter Shutters offers window coverings that specifically comply with ADA guidelines.

Our unique design fits within the reach range specified by ADA guidelines and can be custom made to 48 inches above the floor, or longer, to meet ADA standards.

If you wish to make ALL your windows ADA compliant, Shelter Shutters can custom make your shutters to fit the ADA criteria.

Reach Range

Not having ADA compliant window coverings can put people at risk.  You need a product that is committed to making sure its easy to reach and operate from a wheelchair.

Shelter Shutters are the perfect choice for schools and businesses that want to ensure their windows are fully compliant with ADA regulations.

Reliable and Easy to Use. Even a Small Child Can Operate Shelter Shutters.

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Disclaimer: If the bottom of your window is higher than 48 inches from the floor, your shutters can be made longer to meet ADA standards.