6 Ways Window Covers Contribute to School Safety  

This is the best you can expect to do with Roll Up coverage. There will be gaps and light leakage so the Roll Up does not create the illusion of a dark, unoccupied room.

Window covers, such as window films and shutters, can play a large role in deterring or impeding active intruder in schools. They do so by increasing the physical security of a facility. Below are six ways window covers can contribute to school safety. 

6 Ways Window Covers Contribute to School Safety

  1. Delayed Access: Window films or shatter-resistant coatings can make it more difficult for an intruder to break through the glass. This added layer of protection can delay their access to the building. In turn, law enforcement more time to respond and potentially allowing occupants to escape or take cover. 
  2. Reduced Visibility: Window coverings or Shelter Shutters can be used to block the view into classrooms or other areas. This will make it harder for an active intruder to identify potential targets. As a result, reduced visibility can create a sense of confusion and frustration for the intruder, potentially deterring them or slowing their progress. 
  3. Create Barriers: In some cases, window covers can serve as a physical barrier. This will prevent an intruder from gaining access to certain areas. For example, window films may make it more challenging for the intruder to break through the glass. Occupants now have valuable time to take protective measures or escape. 
  4. Maintain Calm: Window covers can help maintain a sense of calm and normalcy during a lockdown or shelter-in-place situation. They can prevent students and staff from seeing the threat outside, reducing panic and anxiety. 
  5. Protection Against Debris: In the event of a window shattering due to gunfire or explosions, window films can help hold the glass together, reducing the risk of flying glass shards that can cause harm to occupants. 
  6. Conceal Activity and Movement: Shelter Shutters completely block views into the classroom creating a “blacked out†look to the window. They make it look like the room is unoccupied. Window curtains and blinds or roll ups cannot create a “blacked-out†look as you can see cracks of light and possible movement inside the classroom through the edges. It is proven that if an active intruder thinks a room is unoccupied, he or she will keep moving to find an occupied room.  

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