Shelter Shutters Lockdown Window Covers

What are Shelter Shutters?

Shelter Shutters are the only lockdown window covers that operate like a shutter. Magnetic operation makes them perfect for sidelights and door glass.

School classroom door with windows on either side.

Why Shelter Shutters?

Made with fire-rated. corrugated plastic, Shelter Shutters are built to last 10+ years and quickly block out visibility into your room. 

An empty room with two doors and wooden flooring

How Do They Work?

Shelter Shutters fold over the glass and can fold up, down or side-to-side. 
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Replace Your Obsolete Covers

Blackout shade and chevron fabric on door.

Hand rolled shades are difficult. They are cumbersome to roll back into position following a drill. 

Many products use Velcro and everyone knows Velcro weakens after multiple uses. 

Shelter Shutters are ADA-Certified for Ease of Operation

A hallway with many doors and a ceiling.
Schools often replace their existing window covers with Shelter Shutters. Shelter Shutters are the latest in school safety technology. 

I have been involved in school safety since the early 90s and I have not seen anything that has changed the face of safety like Shelter Shutters,”  


Lori Franklin, Community Education Community Education Director/Attendance Specialist. 

Classroom desks and chairs with sunlight.

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Shelter Shutters Are
Easy to Operate

Currently, schools aren’t required to make window covers accessible to people with disabilities. This will likely change in the future.  

Even the Smallest
Child Can Operate Shelter Shutters

Children are not currently involved in the school lockdown process. Protocols are constantly evolving and its only natural that children eventually are able to be involved in the event a teacher may become incapicitated. 

Opening Roll Ups


Opening Shelter Shutters

Disclaimer: If the bottom of your window is higher than 48 inches from the floor, your shutters can be made longer to meet ADA standards. 

Shelter Shutters
Features and Benefits:

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