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  • Shelter Shutters has replaced hundreds of lockdown Roll Up products after several failed active lockdowns.
  • Get it right the first time. Your school deserves the most secure product available.
  • Roll Ups last a few years. Shelter Shutters last a lifetime.

Test It

  • Although sometimes called window shades, window blinds or even window curtains, Shelter Shutters are the only lockdown window covers that operate like a shutter.
  • Completely block out visibility into a room. Easily open and close.
  • Test it for yourself. Click the button below to request a free sample
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Safety Window Covers for All Door Types

Shelter Shutters are security window shutters for school lockdowns that completely black out views into your classroom and immediately snap back into place after the emergency is over.

Although sometimes called security window shades or security window blinds, Shelter Shutters are the only lockdown window covers that operate like a shutter. They are made from fire-rated or non fire-rated corrugated vinyl, depending on your preference.

Although designed specifically for school lockdowns, our Shelter Shutters are also used in clinics, daycares, office buildings, churches and any other facility where safety is top priority.

How it Works

Made with corrugated vinyl and embedded magnets, our Shelter Shutters easily open by pulling on any edge along the length of the shutter where the “pull here” sticker is (top, middle or bottom) and folding it over. Once the emergency is over, simply pull along the same length of the shutter (top, middle or bottom) and fold it back to its original position. The entire process takes a few seconds.


ADA Certified

Most styles are ADA-Certified, making it easy for disabled staff or even a small child to operate. Made from fire-rated or non fire-rated materials, depending on your choice, our patented design is guaranteed to open and close effectively for several years.


Stock Sizes

Your ready-made stock sizes come with the necessary materials to install. Order your ready made stock sizes directly from our website or call our office today to get bulk quantity and districtwide discounts. All stock sizes can be cut to size and easily adjusted for a precise fit.


Custom Sizes

All custom sizes are made to fit your unique door glass sizes or sidelights.  Generate a quote using our Build a Quote feature and print it out for your records or present it to your bookkeeping department for approval. We offer discounts for bulk quantities and districtwide orders. Call our office to place your order today.

I have been involved in school safety since the early 90s and I have not seen anything that has changed the face of safety like Shelter Shutters,”  Lori Franklin, Community Education Community Education Director/Attendance Specialist. 

Shelter Shutters
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Disclaimer: If the bottom of your window is higher than 48 inches from the floor, your shutters can be made longer to meet ADA standards.