Give your students and staff ultimate security

Protect them with our lockdown shutters

As a parent or school administrator, your top priority is always the safety of your students. Is your child's school equipped with proper window protections in the event of an emergency? Shelter Shutters can help! Shelter Shutters Magnetic Vision Panel Covers are made to quickly and totally block a classroom from view in the event of an emergency, such as a lockdown.
They are made to work on any type of surface and unlike other shades, blinds or temporary covers made for lockdowns, Shelter Shutters will be ready when they are needed.





There is no other door glass cover that operates like Shelter Shutters...



  • They cover and uncover vision panels faster than anything else available
  • They stay secure with no movement in both the open and closed positions
  • They lay flat and make a classroom look dark and unoccupied when closed
  • They will open and close thousands of times with no fatigue to our living hinge
  • They are moisture proof and can be cleaned with typical multi surface cleaners
  • They come with a 5 year replacement guarantee



Shades for emergency use must be ready to use at all times. If the shades you use for lockdown do not return to the open position properly and easily, they will pose a safety hazard. Shelter Shutters return to the open position instantly and stay put until needed.



school safety shades belmar nj

Shelter Shutters are inconspicuous

They hold tight to the door when not in use

security shades belmar nj

They're ready to use

Always In place and ready to protect the students

school lock down shutters belmar nj

They're ideal for sidelights

They close securely to the steel frame

school lock down shutters belmar nj

Shelter Shutters can be made to fit

Custom sizes are available