Shelter Shutters completely block views into your classrooms


Shelter Shutters completely block views into your classrooms during school lockdowns and immediately snap back into place after an emergency. This patented design is made with ADA friendly, fire rated materials.


Shelter Shutters™ are guaranteed to open and close thousands of times, and unlike other lockdown shades, blinds or window covers in the market today, Shelter Shutters™ lay flat to eliminate light gaps.


Studies show that when rooms appear dark and unoccupied, intruders are less likely to enter.


“To say that I highly recommend Shelter Shutters, is such an understatement. I first saw the product at a safety conference and I couldn’t believe something so simple could be so effective. I have been involved in school safety since the early 90s and I have not seen anything that has changed the face of safety like Shelter Shutters. We have struggled for years with cheap mini-blinds, curtains and covers made of paper. With the flip of one finger, your classroom windows are covered and dark. In a highly stressful situation, you aren’t always able to move a paper covering or fight with a mini-blind. Shelter Shutters take very little effort and the smallest child can secure the window. They will continue to protect the children in Menifee County for years to come,”


Lori Franklin

Community Education Director/Attendance Specialist 


Safer Schools with Shelter Shutters

Shelter Shutters
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