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Shelter Shutters™ Welcomes Window Covering Professionals for Dealership Opportunities

Join our exclusive network of Shelter Shutters™ experts and help save lives. 

Our revolutionary door glass cover has dramatically changed the effectiveness of school lockdowns. Shelter Shutters™ are so effective that many New Jersey schools have modified their procedures for lockdown drills after purchasing Shelter Shutters™, shaving precious time during and after lockdown drills.

Because schools are no longer a safe space as the threat of dangerous intruders continues to rise, school officers suggest that facilities be properly equipped to manage potential danger. Your local police and school safety personnel will likely want this product installed on every school door possible.

Be a part of the defense.

For safety reasons, school officers must be able to see through door windows into classrooms from the hallway, but door windows must also be completely blacked out during lockdown drills. Many schools still try to keep their children safe by having them stand against the classroom walls during lockdown drills. Some schools use temporary, homemade covers for their door glass but neither of these options are the safest solution or even the most convenient.


Shelter Shutters™ is the only product that allows teachers 

to see into classrooms at any given moment and also black out visibility to dangerous intruders during lockdowns with little to no effort.

Past incidents prove that when rooms appear dark and vacant, intruders are less likely to enter, as evidenced by the Stoneman Douglas classroom shown below. The assailant was able to see children through classroom door windows and started shooting.

Become a Shelter Shutters™ authorized dealer and help protect the children in your local schools.

Shelter Shutters™ dealers are currently offering full service in the following areas:

New Jersey

Middlesex County

Monmouth County

Ocean County

Mercer County

Atlantic County


Manatee County

Sarasota County

Broward County

Palm Beach County


Elkhart County

La Grange County


Barry County

Berrien County

Calhoun County

Kass County

Kalamazoo County

Kent County

St. Josephs County

Van Buren County

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Disclaimer: If the bottom of your window is higher than 48 inches from the floor, your shutters can be made longer to meet ADA standards.