Ordering Instructions

Ordering Instructions

Start by measuring windows. Print and complete our measure forms which are available on our site here.


Please note, that the majority of your doors should have some space above and some space below the glass for your shutters to overlap.


However, some doors require a little more information due to push bars and door closers in close proximity to the glass. Follow instructions on our measure forms and make notes for push bars and door closers if this is the case.


If you are ready to order today but have not collected your glass sizes yet, contact our customer service at 1-800-624-1695 to help complete your order. 


In most cases, simple glass or glass frame measurements are all we need to make shutters for your entire school. Photos are always helpful especially on doors with push bars and door closers.


Once you have filled out the measure forms, please email or text it along with your photos to support@sheltershutters.com or text us at 732-996-7767.


If you would like an accurate estimate, download our “door assessment form” to count your door types and contact our office for an estimate. 

Disclaimer: If the bottom of your window is higher than 48 inches from the floor, your shutters can be made longer to meet ADA standards.