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Fire-rated, folding magnetic door and sidelight glass covers.

Shelter Shutters™ generally range between $60 to $200 per shutter, plus installation costs.

Large projects can cost considerably less, depending on the quantity of like sizes.

Here is a link to our general pricing but to get accurate pricing, measure the glass on your door and/or sidelight and get a count per each size. Email those sizes to a Shelter Shutters supplier near you and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly. See below for a list of Shelter Shutters suppliers.

For Florida, email Mike Dunn


For Michigan, email Trevor Haas


For New Jersey, email Veronica Murillo


For all other US states, Canada, Puerto Rico, or US Virgin Islands, email Shelter Shutters Support


For help with measuring, use our Glass Assessment Form to guide you. If you have additional questions, call our corporate office at 1-800-624-1695. 

Request a quote — We will send you a confirmation of the quantity adjusted purchase price.

Follow the instructions on our Measure Forms when measuring your doors. Use the same Measure Forms if your doors have panic bars, door pumps or any unique features that are within an inch or two of the glass being shuttered. See below for details on how to measure for panic bars and door pumps. For sidelights, refer to our measure page and choose the sidelight type that best matches your needs.


For larger projects, walk the hallways and measure only the visible glass on your door. Use our Glass Assessment Forms to collect the data for your measurements on any type door. However, extra wide, centered glass must be measured from the inside of the classroom. To collect data for sidelights, use our Universal Sidelight Measure Form


How Do I Measure A Door with a Panic Bar or Door Pump?
Try to overlap the glass height by at least a half inch minimun to assure proper coverage, unless the push bar or door pump comes into that area. In this case, you will need to end your measurement short of the push bar and short of the door pump. Make sure the shutter ends at least an 1/8 inch short of the push bar or door pump.

From purchase order or credit cart receipt to shipping typically takes  2-4 weeks.

Yes. Costs vary depending on project size and location. 

Yes! There is a video for almost any door or sidelight type. Videos

Simply email your provider a purchase order or credit card information to move forward with an order.

Custom size Shelter Shutters are only returnable if defective.

Guarantee – 1 year onsite (if professionally installed).


5 year overall guarantee for replacement or repair. 


Disclaimer: If the bottom of your window is higher than 48 inches from the floor, your shutters can be made longer to meet ADA standards.