7 Effective School Security Measures

While window covers and window film can provide valuable security benefits, they should be just one part of a broader school safety plan. 

While window covers and window film can provide valuable security benefits, they are one part of a broader school safety plan. Here are seven effective school security measures that should be included in a broader plan.

  1. Comprehensive Emergency Plans: Schools should have well thought-out emergency response plans that include procedures for dealing with active intruder situations. Training for staff and students in these plans is essential.
  2. Access Control: Limiting access to the school through controlled entrances, visitor check-in procedures, and secure entry systems can help prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the building.
  3. School Resource Officers: Having trained law enforcement officers on-site or in close proximity to the school can enhance security and response times in the event of an emergency.
  4. Mental Health Support: Providing mental health services and support to students who may be at risk of violent behavior is an important preventive measure.
  5. Communication Systems: Schools should have effective communication systems in place, such as intercoms, alarms, and notification procedures, to alert staff and students during emergencies.
  6. Regular Drills: Conducting regular lockdown and evacuation drills can help prepare students and staff for potential threats and improve response times.
  7. Community Involvement: Building strong relationships between schools, law enforcement, and the community can promote information sharing and early intervention.

Effective school security measures that include these seven aspects ensures students and staff. Window covers are just one aspect of enhancing school security. Together, window coverings and window films can enhance an effective school safety plan.

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