Window Films Provide Defense

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Window films, such as shatter-resistant or safety films, can help strengthen windows. Holding the glass together in case of breakage prevents shattering. Together, both window films and window covers provide a robust defense against threats.

Window coverings like Shelter Shutters can provide an additional layer of protection. By obstructing the view and access to the interior. They work well with window films because many window film companies warn against placing any items or tape onto the glass itself. Window covers like Shelter Shutters do not touch the glass at any point. This is why many window film companies prefer to work with Shelter Shutters.

In addition, Shelter Shutters are fixed on the door with strong adhesive tape squares to maintain the integrity of the door. You can create a versatile and effective solution that addresses various needs by combining window coverings and window films that do not touch the glass at all,

Window film and Shelter Shutters combined offer security, privacy, energy efficiency, and aesthetic solutions. The specific benefits will depend on the types of films and coverings chosen, and their compatibility to your goals and preferences.

These two products should be part of a broader, holistic approach to ensuring the safety of students and staff. To learn more about Shelter Shutters, call our office at 1-800-624-1695 or email us at