Shelter Shutters History

Shelter Shutters™ was created in 2013. When a New Jersey elementary school principal asked Steve, a local window shop owner, to create a specific door window cover. The cover needed to fit an odd-shaped vision panel with a lockdown security cover in the school’s gymnasium.

Principal Dr. Doreen Ryan had just attended a seminar about school safety and asked Steve, the owner of Belmar Window Shop, to create a security window cover. The window cover needed to consist of specific school safety criteria. It also needed to quickly and completely black out visibility into the gym from the hallway.

Teachers were struggling to quickly recover after their school lockdowns were over.  The new shutter needed to immediately recover to its original position after school lockdown drills. It also had to be discreet, durable and effective.

With the requested criteria in mind, Steve researched and tested various materials that could get the job done. After several prototypes and tests done on various designs, Steve engineered the most efficient design.

His design  lockdown door and sidelight window cover that many schools have come to rely on. Our patented design is now used in many facilities where protection and privacy are k


Before Shelter Shutters™ ...

Before Shelter Shutters was created in 2013, teachers only had a few ways to protect their schools. They used construction paper, fabric or felt strips that were difficult and time-consuming to reposition after a lockdown drill.

The materials used didn’t make the classroom appear dark and unoccupied. Statistics say that dark rooms deter intruders from targeting certain rooms. Most other products used left gaps on the sides, exposing too much visibility into the room.

With all this in mind, Steve created Shelter Shutters. By applying his 40+ years of custom window treatment expertise, Steve came up with an ADA-friendly and fire rated window cover that works on any surface and  quickly and completely blacks out visibility into rooms.

Two years later, Shelter Shutters™ was awarded the US Patent No. 9,243,445 and has since successfully installed more than 40,000 Shelter Shutters™ in schools nationwide and in Canada.


US schools are vulnerable now more than ever. .

Teachers are advised to lock all doors and avoid windows during school lockdowns, but the materials they have to work with are not the safest.


As a result, schools often ask us to replace their existing window coverings that aren’t as convenient or effective as our design.


Shelter Shutters™ is determined to keep schools safe at all times.


Disclaimer: If the bottom of your window is higher than 48 inches from the floor, your shutters can be made longer to meet ADA standards.