How to talk to your child about school violence

It seems like every time we turn around, we are hearing about another school shooting. We find ourselves asking how we can talk to our child about school violence.


As a parent and grandparent myself, I would like to keep my kids from experiencing any of this in our world. But the truth of the matter is…it’s out there. And it could even be their school one day. Frightening. I am scared and I imagine they are too.


So, how do we help our kids process all this violence?


I have always said “knowledge is power” and I think that’s where we start. In my research on the world wide web, ( out of desperation)  I have found some helpful tips.


Is Your School Safe?

It seems the theme I keep hearing is….Remind the kids that their school is safe.


But, is it? Is your school safe?


I think kids and parents need to know that schools are, in fact, truly safe. The only way to be sure is to start asking questions. Refer to our blog titled “15 School Safety Questions Parents Should Ask.”


Inform Your Child About School Security Measures and Procedures

All school buildings now have security measures and procedures. Telling your child about them and understanding how they work is helpful. If they know there are protocols, they will feel safer.


If you as a parent do not know what they are, then just ask!


Many children don’t want to talk to their parents/caregivers about their feelings around school violence. They do not even know how to verbalize what is going on for them. I know in general my granddaughter’s response to “How was your day at school?”

is “fine.” That’s it. No elaboration. She’s only in kindergarten but I want to know all the details!


Try to engage elementary children in conversation while you are doing other activities with them. Many times they will open up without feeling put on the spot.


Just listen. They will eventually tell you how they feel.


When providing reassurance, keep your information brief, simple and give examples of how their school is keeping them safe.


Overall, keep a normal routine and don’t forget to control your own reactions to upsetting news around kids. Model good behavior.


Together we can help our kids cope in this crazy, upside down world.


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