14 Ways to Deter School Shootings

In a recent report, the U.S. National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) described how 67 schools were able to avert violent school attacks by de-escalating violent behavior at certain points.  The NTAC suggests that these same methods be implemented into school policies and protocols to prevent future  attacks. Based on the agency’s findings, we’ve listed 14 ways to deter school shootings.  

  1. Communities surrounding a teen’s every day life must intervene once warning signs are identified.
  2. Schools must make it clear that intervention does not mean conviction or an official criminal investigation.
  3. There needs to be a responsible party for identifying, following up and reporting suspicious behavior or warning signs.
  4. The newly formed Threat Assessment Team should intervene before behaviors lead to legal consequences.
  5. Many times an attack plan is a result of a grievance with a classmate and strategies to de-escalate altercations between classmates would prevent attacks from evolving into violent attacks.
  6. Because students are best positioned to identify and report concerning behaviors demonstrated by their classmates, they should feel comfortable enough to a report it to an adult or the Threat Assessment Team.
  7. Parents and families must learn to recognize concerning behavior and be familiar with available resources to address their concerns.
  8. Its crucial to create a collaborative process that includes parents and guardians.
  9. School resource officers (SROs) play an important role in school violence prevention as a trusted role model in a student’s life.
  10. Understand that removing a student from school does not eliminate the risk to themselves or others.
  11. Students displaying an interest in violent or hate-filled topics ought to be assessed immediately and an intervention plan should be put into play if the assessment warrants it.
  12. School attack plots are often associated with cetain dates, particularly the first and last day of school and the month of April.
  13. Many of the student plotters had access to weapons, includng unimpeded access to firearms.
  14. In most cases where plotters intended to use firearms, they had access to it or knew where they could steal them from.

Taking these extra precautions at your school will likely lessen your chances of an attack on campus. Having the right equipment will also help you protect your schools. To learn more about our Shelter Shutters for your school, call our shop at 732-681-4900 or email us at