Shelter Shutters™ are door and sidelight window coverings that quickly and completely block out visibility into your classrooms and immediately snap back once lockdowns are over. Made with fire-rated or non-fire rated materials, depending on your choice, all our Shelter Shutters™ are ADA friendly and designed specifically to comply with your school’s requirements.


All Shelter Shutters™ are made with corrugated vinyl and install with heavy duty pressure tape. Magnets are used to hold the shutter in place when closed.


Your Shelter Shutters™ come in two different styles to accommodate all your different door and sidelight types and sizes.


Single Fold: Single Fold Shelter Shutters™ are used on narrower door windows that only need to fold over once to completely cover a door window.


Multi Fold: Multi Fold Shelter Shutters™ are used on wider door windows and sidelights since they both need more than one panel to completely cover the glass.

The exact price of a Shelter Shutter™ depends on the size of glass covering, but Shelter Shutters™ generally range between $30 to $100 per shutter, plus installation costs.


We provide local and district wide installation for an additional cost.

There are a few ways to get pricing for your door.

  • For an estimate, start with our Build A Quote feature on glass sizes up to 9 inches wide.
  • For glass sizes wider than 9 inches or to include unique details about your door order, use our measure form to record your measurements and specific details. See below for more details on smaller and larger projects.
  • Further discounted pricing is available for districtwide ordering and cooperatives.Use our Glass Assessment Form to record your measurements on larger projects and call our office for exact pricing 732-681-4905

Before you start, consider the size of your job and any details that might require specific explanation like odd-shaped windows, door pumps, unique door handles or panic bars. Your school might have a mix of these so it might be best to read through your options below before you start.

Smaller Projects
If you prefer to include specific details about certain doors, such as unique door handles, print the Measure Forms that best match your door or sidelight. Fill them out with your measurements and email them, including any photos you might have, to support@sheltershutters.com when completed.

Larger Projects
For several doors or when access to all doors is not possible, use our Glass Assessment Form to write down your measurements as you go. Just measure the visible glass on your door.

Because your job might include some doors with door pumps or panic bars that interfere with the door window, use the Measure Form that best matches your door or sidelight to record your measurements. Use these forms in addition to the Glass Assessment Form if applicable.

*We typically only need specific measurements on Multi-fold Shelter Shutters.

Build a Quote Calculator

For an immediate estimate, use our Build Your Quote feature to get an approximate estimate on your order. Please note, the Build Your Quote is an estimated price based on door type. Exact pricing cannot be provided until a glass size is given. 

Exact Pricing

For exact pricing and more information on bulk discounted pricing, call our warehouse at 732- 681-4905 to speak to one of our representatives. Once all forms are completed, email them and any photos you might have to support@sheltershutters.com.

Follow the instructions on our Measure Forms when measuring your doors or sidelights. Use the Measure Forms if your doors have panic bars, door pumps or any unique features that need to be considered. See below for details on how to measure for panic bars and door pumps. 

For larger projects, walk the hallways and measure only the visible glass on your door or sidelights and use our Glass Assessment Forms to record your measurements. However, extra wide, centered glass must be measured from the inside of the classroom. 

How Do I Measure A Door with a Panic Bar or Door Pump?
If your door has a panic bar, measure from the top of the window frame to the bottom of the frame. Make sure the shutter ends at least 1/4 short, above the panic bar so it doesn’t scrape when closed. For door pumps, measure top of door to bottom of door pump.

Once you’ve submitted all your information for pricing, we’ll email you a quote. If you choose to move forward with the quote, email us a purchase order; mail a check to our office; or call our office to provide your credit card information.


Contact Us

One school will take about two weeks maximum. Districtwide orders may take several months.

Yes. We offer installation in most areas across the country for an additional cost.

Yes, we have a library of instructional videos and brochures for most door types.

Installation Instructions
There are two types of Shelter Shutters, Single Fold and Multi-Fold (both install with pressure tape). Single-Fold Shutters are for narrow “off centered” glass on doors. Multi-Fold are for doors with wider “centered” glass. They also apply to sidelights. 

The only significant difference in door types would be if your door window has a raised frame around the glass. If your door window does NOT have a raised frame, you do not need spacers. If your door window does have a raised frame around the glass, you will need spacers. 

The correct number of spacers will already be applied to the back of the shutter, but extra spacers can be ordered. Each set of spacers adds 1/8″ to accommodate the thickness of your door window frame.

Download Installation Instructions

What Tools Do I Need?

Our Shelter Shutters are lightweight and easily installed using pressure tape that is included in your order. No screws are necessary.

Instructions to order your Shelter Shutters™
The best place to start is to first download the form that best matches one of your typical doors and fill in the required measurements. We also ask that you take photos of your door and email them to support@sheltershutters.com. One of our experienced technicians will determine which product works best for your doors. After we’ve reviewed your information, we will send you a quote. 

Alternatively, you can download and fill out the appropriate measurement form and email it to us with your photos at support@sheltershutters.com. Please do not hesitate to call our warehouse with any questions you may have at 732-681-4905.

Guarantee and Returns



Shelter Shutters™ offers a 30-day return policy.


Ship back to 703 Main St. Belmar, NJ 07719. Use the original boxes. There is no need to re-wrap it in the craft paper. Re-apply the cover on the pressure tape if possible and stack them in the boxes. Use the bubble wrap that came with the shutters to line the boxes where you can. If you need assistance, feel free to call 732-681-4900.



Shelter Shutters™ are guaranteed to work without failure of any component for a period of five years from receipt.


If your Shelter Shutters™ are used once daily, they will last well over twenty years. Although no certified study has been performed, our Shelter Shutters™ have been tested in our factory to open and close several thousand times and showed little-to-no fatigue to the hinge or magnetic closure system.


If a Shelter Shutter™ fails for any reason other than obvious abuse or misuse, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge for a period of five years from date of purchase.