We have "ready made" and "custom made" shutters

Scroll down to print our shutter measure/order form

The difference between ready and custom made is that the custom made shutters will fit the window exactly and ready made or stock sizes will generally be slightly larger than the window. Custom made Shelter Shutters are made with filler strips (if needed) already attached to bring the shutter flush with the molding surrounding the glass. Ready made shutters come with filler strips that you apply if needed, on the job site. Ready made ship within three working days and custom made shutters take two weeks to produce and ship. A good rule of thumb is use ready made shutters on most door windows and custom made on the doors with panic bars and door pumps in the way.

Measure the width and length of the door's window

If there's a raised molding measure that if not measure just the glass

Shelter Shutters are simple. Measure the width and length of the outside edges of the raised molding surrounding the glass. If there is no raised molding surrounding the glass, simply measure just the glass.

When a door has no raised molding surrounding the glass, we use the glass measurement and to assure your shutter will fit correctly we add on 3" in width and 4" in length as a minimum size needed.

Measure the width

Measure the length

Measure the molding projection from the door surface (typically 1/8" to 1/4")

This is the shutter measure form

use one page for each "same size" window

Fill out this form then go to our "SHOP" page to choose your sizes and place your order or simply fax or email the form to Shelter Shutters and we will contact you with a price.

Fill out this form and fax or email it to Shelter Shutters and you will have your custom shutter quote within 24 hours.

If your doors have no steel for our magnets to grab, choose your strike plate type

Our original "screw on" strike plate comes with a tiny screw capable of installing almost anywhere on a door. Our best seller is our 7/8" round "stick on" strike plate that simply presses in place. The other strike plates we offer are custom sized. When a door has a raised molding surrounding the glass and that molding has a very narrow "face width" you may require custom strike plates. We can help you choose the right size and shape of custom strike plate when you send us a completed "Custom" shutter measure form.

We have three types of strike plates to suit any installation

"screw on" "stick on" and "custom" strike plates

Narrow windows will have side mounted strike plates and wider windows that require our multi fold shutter will need installed in the center top and bottom, as indicated by the red arrows on the photos here. The two photos on left show a wider window with our Multi Fold Shelter Shutter open and closed. The photos right show our Single Fold Shelter Shutter both open and closed.

Below is an example of a custom strike plate

"Stick On" strike plates