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Single Fold Shelter Shutter

Available in several stock sizes and custom made

The Single Fold Shelter Shutter is made for narrow windows on doors. Several standard sizes are available and Shelter Shutters can be custom made to fit any length door glass up to 72" long. The Single Fold Shelter Shutter works by folding the moving section over the glass like a shutter.

Shelter Shutters vs Fabric Roll Up

Watch Shelter Shutters vs roll up fabric or paper shades

Most schools are using a fabric or paper roll up shade to cover door glass during a lock down. As you can see from this video the roll up shades are not easy to roll up. The Shelter Shutters are pretty much effortless to operate. When a lock down drill ends door shades need to be opened for safety reasons. How easily do your lock down shades return to the open position?

Shelter Shutters Keep It Simple
Easy Open, Easy Close

Made from super tough, lightweight corrugated vinyl
US Pat. No. 9,243,445

Shelter Shutters have been created specifically to cover the window on classroom doors during lock down. Shelter Shutters are made from construction grade fire rated or non-FR corrugated vinyl and encased, tamper proof neodymium magnets making them nearly impervious to damage or vandalism. Our "Living Hinge" is capable of an unlimited number of operations making Shelter Shutters one of the most durable window coverings available.

Give your students and staff ultimate security

Protect them with our school lockdown shutters

As a parent or school administrator, your top priority is always the safety of your students. Is your child’s school equipped with proper window protections in the event of an emergency? Shelter Shutters can help! Shelter Shutters Magnetic Vision Panel Covers are made to quickly and totally block a classroom from view in the event of an emergency such as a lockdown.
They are made to work on any type of surface and unlike other shades, blinds or temporary covers made for lockdown, Shelter Shutters will be ready when they're needed.

There is no other door glass cover that operates like Shelter Shutters

  • Shelter Shutters cover and uncover vision panels faster than anything else available
  • Shelter Shutters stay secure with no movement in both the open and closed positions
  • Shelter Shutters lay flat and make a classroom look dark and unoccupied when closed
  • Shelter Shutters will open and close thousands of times with no fatigue to our living hinge
  • Shelter Shutters are constructed using super tough fire rated corrugated vinyl  

Shades for emergency use must be ready to use at all times. If the shades you use for lockdown do not return to the open position properly and easily, they will create a serious safety hazard. Shelter Shutters return to the open position instantly and stay put until needed. 

Inspiration for our product

Shelter Shutters background

Our children are the future and we do everything we can to protect them as much as we can. But while they’re at school, we trust their safety to the hands of others. In the past few years it has become apparent that schools are much more vulnerable than many realize.

Extra protection during a lockdown

How Shelter Shutters work

Currently, when a lockdown takes place, teachers are instructed to lock all doors and avoid the windows. During past events they’ve used construction paper, fabric or other home made methods to cover door windows, but this isn’t the safest technique. Roll down fabric or felt strips will not make a classroom appear dark and unoccupied. Just as important, hand rolled or cord operated shades will not return to the ready position easily or properly.

"Shades, blinds and roll ups are not secure enough to the door and do not open and close fast enough to be used properly. This is what makes our Shelter Shutters stand out from the other shades being used to cover school door vision panels."
Stephen Beaudoin, Shelter Shutters Inventor

Weighing only ounces Shelter Shutters work like a super lightweight cabinet door and require little more than a flip of the wrist to open or close them. There is no other product that will operate as effortlessly and efficiently and with 20 year estimated lifespan and an average cost of less than $75. per door, Shelter Shutters may be the best security investment you can make for your school. Shelter Shutters come with a 90 day "money back" and a "5 year replacement" guarantee.

Many schools in the New York metropolitan area are already using our product and the demand is increasing. Give your students and staff the next big step in protection by calling Shelter Shutters today!


New...School Safety Interaction Capabilities

Shelter Shutters can be operated by your school safety officer from the hallway

Your school safety officer and local police can be equipped to open Shelter Shutters from the hallway, right through a locked door! Ask us how!!!

Shelter Shutters are inconspicuous

Shelter Shutters are inconspicuous

They hold tight to the door when not in use

When in the open or "ready" position our magnetic system positively holds the moving section of the shutter in place until you release it

Shelter Shutters are ready to use

Shelter Shutters are ready to use

In place and ready to protect the students

When the shutter is needed it folds over the glass and holds tight to the metal frame surrounding the glass or to the strike-plates included with your shutter.

Watch how easy Shelter Shutters are to use

The door to the left has our bi-fold and to the right is our single fold

Watch how well Shelter Shutters work compared to roll up's

"The shutters work perfect for the need"

Dr. Doreen Ryan
Dow Ave School

"The shutters work perfect for the need"

Dr. Doreen Ryan

"We have utilized the shutters during all of our lockdown drills. Love them.
Our teachers have expressed their gratitude as well. Congratulations on the patent. Well deserved. "

Patrick Burns
Principal PS 217 Queens NY

"We have utilized the shutters during all of our lockdown drills. Love them."

Patrick Burns

"Steve has developed a great product for covering door windows to eliminate visibility into a room when necessary to do so.  The Shelter Shutter is inconspicuously mounted on the inside of the door and it is easily flipped over to conceal the entire glass area in the door, making it impossible to see inside the room.
 I would recommend the Shelter Shutter for an effective, efficient and fast way to conceal visibility into an individual room or large common area."

Mike Textor
School Safety Officer
Wall NJ

" I would recommend the Shelter Shutter for an effective, efficient and fast way to conceal visibility"

Mike Textor

Steve, "Just a quick follow up on the shelter shutters that were installed at Saint Catharine School in December of 2014. We run a minimum of three drills per month and they are as sturdy now as they were on installation day.  A survey of the staff on the products ease and speed of operation received a 100% positive response.  Most importantly, the shutters have shaved off valuable seconds to our lockdown procedure while providing a nice deterrent to any unwanted guest. I would like to thank you for providing a well thought out solution to our problem." 


Richard Baier

Director of Buildings & Grounds

St. Catharine - St. Margaret Parish

"A survey of the staff on the products ease and speed of operation received a 100% positive response"

Rich Baier