"The shutters work perfect for the need."

Dr. Doreen Ryan, Principal, Dow Ave School

"We have utilized the shutters during all of our lockdown drills. Love them.
Our teachers have expressed their gratitude as well. Congratulations on the patent. Well deserved. "

Patrick Burns, Principal, PS 217 Queens NY

"Steve has developed a great product for covering door windows to eliminate visibility into a room when necessary to do so. The Shelter Shutter is inconspicuously mounted on the inside of the door and it is easily flipped over to conceal the entire glass area in the door, making it impossible to see inside the room.
I would recommend the Shelter Shutter for an effective, efficient and fast way to conceal visibility into an individual room or large common area."

Mike Textor, School Safety Officer, Wall NJ

"Just a quick follow up on the Shelter Shutters that were installed at Saint Catharine School in December of 2014. We run a minimum of three drills per month and they are as sturdy now as they were on installation day. A survey of the staff on the products ease and speed of operation received a 100% positive response. Most importantly, the shutters have shaved off valuable seconds to our lockdown procedure while providing a nice deterrent to any unwanted guest. I would like to thank you for providing a well thought out solution to our problem."

Richard Baier, Director of Buildings & Grounds, St. Catharine - St. Margaret Parish