No worries, we take returns on stock sizes

Returned merchandise will be accessed a 15% restock fee.

Ship back to 703 Main St. Belmar, NJ 07719. Use the original boxes. There is no need to re-wrap in the craft paper. Re-apply the cover on the pressure tape if possible and stack them in the boxes. Use the bubble wrap that came with the shutters to line the boxes where you can. If you need assistance feel free to
call 732-681-4900



If for any reason you are not satisfied with the "Stock Size" Shelter Shutters you purchased, you may return them to us for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. Additionally, Shelter Shutters are guaranteed to work without failure of any component for a period of five years from receipt.

If your Shelter Shutters are used once daily, they will last well over twenty years. Although no certified study has been performed, our Shelter Shutters have been tested here in our factory to open and close several thousand times and showed little-to-no fatigue to our hinge, or magnetic closure system.

If a Shelter Shutter fails for any reason other than obvious abuse or misuse, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge for a period of five years from date of purchase.

Behind our guarantee

Behind our guarantee

Steve Beaudoin, Owner-Inventor

With 40 years experience in the custom shutter business, it was only natural for Steve to think like a shutter manufacturer when tasked by a local school principal to create something for lock-down drills. With nine siblings and dozens of family members with children in our school systems, Steve took the request from Dr. Ryan seriously.

"We have designed this product to add an affordable layer of protection for the children in your schools. We have used the most durable materials available to build Shelter Shutters.
Simplicity was our goal, less components mean less failure. The Fire Rated corrugated vinyl used to produce Shelter Shutters retains it's flexibility indefinitely. The highest quality neodymium magnets available are encased and cannot be tampered with."

Steve Beaudoin