Shelter Shutters (Multi-Fold)

For Doors With Wider "Centered" Windows

Multi Fold Shelter Shutters are made for door glass that is typically centered, and a greater width. Multi Folds operate by being stacked on one side and expanding over the door glass. If needed, Two Panel Multi Fold shutters that operate from both sides can be made for even wider door glass that requires more coverage. Shelter Shutters stay open and closed via embedded magnets. When a door has no steel for the shutter's embedded magnets to hold onto when closed, we supply steel plates that stick to the door; alternatively, Velcro tabs can be used.
To operate a Multi Fold, pull out, then across the glass. This shutter folds across the glass in two sections.

Below are pictures of our variations of Multi Fold Shelter Shutters open and closed.

Watch Shelter Shutters operate

Two Panel Multi Fold Shutters on the doors and Multi Fold on the sidelights

This is a common problem area to lock down. Sidelights and door glass that need coverage quickly. The best and most widely accepted method to cover this area is to permanently cover the lower windows with Shelter Panels, and make the top section movable with Shelter Shutters.

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