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Steel doors and doors with steel surrounding the glass do not need strike plates

This page is for all wood or non-ferrous metal installations

<center>Custom Stick On Strike Plates</center>

Custom Stick On Strike Plates

Some doors are completely flat and some have a raised molding surrounding the glass. Our strike plates are made to work for most any situation. If you have doors with a raised molding that has less than 1" of flat surface you may need help selecting your strike plates. Our experts are here to assist you with questions like this, please call us.

<center>Standard Stick On Strike Plates</center>

Standard Stick On Strike Plates

Strike Plates Are Necessary On "Non-Ferrous" Applications

Strike Plates Are Necessary On "Non-Ferrous" Applications

Examples of this would be an "all wood" door or a door with an aluminum window frame

If your door is all wood or other non-ferrous material and there is not a steel frame surrounding the door glass, you will need strike plates installed on the door to hold the working section of your shutter to the window when closed for lock down. This is very simple to do and we offer several types to accommodate any situation. Our 7/8" round "stick on" strike plate and our "screw on" strike plate are included with your shutter. Custom Strike Plates are a small surcharge.