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Shelter Shutters Welcomes Window Covering Professionals For Dealership Opportunities

Shelter Shutters Welcomes Window Covering Professionals For Dealership Opportunities

What has been happening in the United States recently is a disgrace. Our schools are not properly equipped to deal with such emergencies. Join our exclusive network of Shelter Shutters experts and be involved in saving lives. Be part of the defense against the fastest growing despicable trend in the USA, school shootings!

There are still schools that choose to hide the children and staff against walls within a classroom to try to get them out of view from an intruder in the hallway. Some schools have updated their lock-down procedures by using a temporary home made style cover for the door glass. 

Our product will dramatically change the effectiveness of a school's lock down forever. Some New Jersey schools have actually modified their procedures for lock down after a purchase of Shelter Shutters. Shelter Shutters will save lives.

Your local police and school safety personnel will want this product installed on every school door possible. Shelter Shutters for school doors have been given "Two Thumbs Up" by the President of the New Jersey State Police. 

Offer a Shelter Shutter demonstration to a school official or school board and include the school security or safety officer in the demonstration. If they are not totally impressed with the looks they will be once you operate it.  At first glance a Shelter Shutter looks like a cheap piece of plastic. It's the demonstration that hooks the personnel in charge of the lock down. Even with the classroom lights on, Shelter Shutters provide a total "light seal" in most cases making the classroom appear to be dark and unoccupied. The shutter is not only easy and effective to close but they open just as easily and effectively. That is an important factor in school safety. That window is there for a reason, to avoid head and other injuries. The black hand rolled shade currently installed on thousands of school doors is a safety hazzard.  If the lockdown glass cover does not open back up as easily as it closes it will get left covering the glass too long and that's the safety hazzard. There is no other window covering that opens and closes as quickly and efficiently. You will leave them scratching their heads saying... "Where has this thing been for the last 20 years?"
 The material is fire rated NFPA701, extremely durable, and washable with household cleaners. 

These are some perks that come with a Shelter Shutters dealership...
A Shelter Shutters dealership brings endless opportunities to a window coverings dealer. Our experience in the industry is that once you are in a school and impress the facilities director, more work will come. Opportunities to provide dozens, even hundreds of shades and blinds will come. Facilities directors love nothing more than a job that goes well and on schedule. They will be impressed with the Shelter Shutters you install for them. Based on Shelter Shutters' overall satisfaction ratings, you will have a foot in the door to provide roller shade and blind orders for the rest of the school or entire district!

Contact us today to learn how you can become a dealer for Shelter Shutters!

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Dealership Opportunities

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