Inspiration for our product

Shelter Shutters background

Our children are the future and we do everything we can to protect them as much as we can. But while they’re at school, we trust their safety to the hands of others. In the past years it has become apparent that schools are much more vulnerable than many realize.
Currently, when a lockdown takes place, teachers are instructed to lock all doors and avoid the windows. During past events they’ve used construction paper, fabric or other home made methods to cover door windows, but this isn’t the safest technique. Roll down paper, fabric or felt strips will not make a classroom appear dark and unoccupied. Just as important, hand rolled or cord operated shades will not return to the ready position easily or properly. It's all about safety! This was the inspiration we needed to design something that works well.

Extra protection during a lockdown

How Shelter Shutters work

Weighing only ounces Shelter Shutters work like a super lightweight cabinet door and require little more than a flip of the wrist to open or close them. There is no other product that will operate as effortlessly and efficiently and with 20 year estimated lifespan and an average cost of less than $75. per door, Shelter Shutters may be the best security investment you can make for your school. Shelter Shutters come with a 90 day "money back" and a "5 year replacement" guarantee.

Many schools in the New York metropolitan area are already using our product and the demand is increasing. Give your students and staff the next big step in protection by calling Shelter Shutters today!


Shelter Shutters History

Shelter Shutters History

12/13/2013 Belmar New Jersey...
This new type of window shutter was invented for and first put in use at an Elementary School in Ocean Township, New Jersey. Steve Beaudoin, owner of Belmar Window Shop, a window coverings specialty store and a manufacturer of custom made shutters in Belmar, NJ was asked by Principal Dr. Doreen Ryan to supply something to quickly black out view into some rooms from the hallway. Dr. Ryan requested something like a shutter be made. The size and shape of this area needing cover was a challenge. So was the location, a school door where, as you can imagine, traffic was high. The nature of the need far outweighed the difficulty of creating something that would work, so we took on the mission.

The mission had several objectives.

#1. The shutter had to be ready to use at all times.
#2. Would need to work fast and block the view completely.
#3. Should be plain and inconspicuous.
#4. Must be durable.
#5. Must be reasonably priced.

About 20 prototypes later and nearly two years in review at the US Patent Office, Shelter Shutters were awarded US Pat. No. 9,243,445.